Get the money you need with a car title loan in Orange County, CA. You can apply now by filling out our online form or by calling our toll free number at (855) 987-6614 for a free quote.

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Car Title Loans in Orange County

With Car Title Loans in Orange County, we are able to provide Southern California residents with great sums of easy and readily-available money when they need it the most. By calling (855) 987-6614 or by submitting an online application, you set in motion the services of an established and professional loan company. Even if you have bad credit, you can be approved for a car title loan, as long as your vehicle has a wholesale value of at least $4000. You can even continue to use your vehicle for the duration of the loan. For more information about how a car title loan works, see our FAQ page, which should address many of your questions in detail. Then, call our experts at (855) 987-6614 to begin the process of acquiring the cash you need.

Don’t let bad credit or no credit stop you! We will secure the amount of money you borrow using the value of your car title; we are fine with no credit or bad credit for instant approval. Get the emergency funds you need. You will have anywhere from 24 to 36 months to repay your title loan back to us. Pay us back early with no added penalties or fees!

We can help you out of your financial emergency by offering the perfect financial solution. Use your vehicle as equity and continue to drive it while you make payments. You can apply online or call (855) 987-6614 and speak with one of our specialists. Get emergency cash with a title loan in Orange County today!


We Make The Process Quick

After you’ve submitted an online application or requested our services through the phone, we help you with the rest. It’s easy. Here’s a run-down of all it takes to get a car title loan in Orange County:

  1. Present Title and Documentation
  2. Get Approved for $2,600-$50,000
  3. Repay Your Loan within 24-36 Months
  4. Continue to Drive Car while Loan is Repaid
  5. Receive Your Title Back when Loan is Paid Off

There’s no more to it. Visit out page on how it all works work to find out more on exactly what you’ll need to make sure you qualify for the loan.

Car Title Loans Made Easy

We’re more than just a title loan company. We’re here to help you make the most out of the lending experience. We know obtaining any kind of loan is almost always part of a dull, stressful, lengthy and confusing process. We won’t do that. With us, you’ll receive quick and easy service that won’t hold you up and will have you with the money you need in no time. Additionally, you will enjoy the added benefits of keeping and driving your car while repaying your loan; not having to worry about a loan period with no end in sight because we have no pre-payment penalties; taking advantage of our friendly customer service and more!

How to get a car title loan


Your Trusted Title Loan Lender Since 1994

Funded by TFC Title Loans in Orange County, we are a licensed lender that provides residents throughout California, New Mexico, and Arizona with the best of car title loans in all 3 regions. We have been helping out our customers since 1994, making ourselves known as the most established and reliable title loan lender in the industry. We help you in your time of need. If you find yourself in a financial emergency, you can always count on car title loans in Orange County to provide you with the money you need at generous rates and terms. You deserve a second chance without having to go through outrageous lengths; simply take out a car title loan with us, using the value already stored in your vehicle to get your life back on track. Apply online or call us today at (855) 987-6614.

Amber Alvarado, Yucaipa, CA
San Bernardino County

The staff was very professional, customer friendly. The girls who handled my loan were wonderful. I will make sure to refer to my friends.


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